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How Much Does an Attic Fan Cost?

The cost of attic fan installation will depend on several different factors; however, the average cost of installing an attic fan is about $422 (which includes a mid-grade fan). Use the information below to help you get a better idea of how much your unique project will cost.

1. Your geographic location. Where you live will definitely impact the cost of installation. If the cost of living in your area is high, you should expect to pay more for your project. Take a look at ProMatcher’s Attic Fan Installation Cost Report to find the cost near you.

2. Attic fan replacement. Are you replacing an existing fan? Will the new fan fit in the same same? Any structural modifications will add to the cost of your project. The removal and disposal of the old fan may also incur an additional cost.

3. Duct work and ventilation. Do you have the proper ventilation in place already? Duct work installation will increase the cost of attic fan installation.

4. Attic accessibility. Is the attic in good condition? Is it easy to access? Does the ceiling height require the use of any special equipment? If there are any safety hazards, this will add to the installation cost.

5. Electric vs. Solar-powered. Do you have the necessary electrical wiring in place? If not, this will add to the cost of the project. Solar-powered attic fans are more expensive than electric fans. However, the solar fans are very energy-efficient and they are free to operate.

6. Fan capacity. The size of the attic and the climate in your area will help to determine the required fan capacity. Your contractor can help you decide what type of fan will work best for your home. High-capacity fans are need to cool attics in warmer, humid climates. These attic fans are typically more expensive.

7. How will the fan be operated? A manually-operated attic fan is the most affordable option. Attic fans that turn on automatically based on the reading of a humidistat or thermostat are a little more expensive. However, this convenience is worth the extra cost to many people.

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Free Quotes from Local Attic Fan Installers.
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